Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Slipping in a hike in Banff

This was a busy month for birthdays Breen on August 8, Zaman on August 9/10 (started on Aug 9 and was actually born on Aug 10) , Ronin on August 13 and Sunita on August 14. So happy birthday to each of you. 

Since Zaman turned 60, it was cause for a big celebration so I flew to Calgary for the birthday party and while I was there, we did a girls day hike at Johnston Canyon just outside of Banff. 

We (me, Bena, Shakila and Terry) made it up to the Lower Falls and it was as lovely as I remembered it from 1975. This time I was wearing hiking gear rather than the wooden Dr. Scholl's sandals that I was wearing back then (to be fair, we didn't know we were going for a hike so we were not prepared with the appropriate footwear).

Shakila and Terry waited for us and Bena and I hiked to the Upper Falls, took some pictures and made our way down. 

We found a nice picnic area just outside of the canyon and had a lovely lunch that we packed from home. The hawk below was sitting on the table when we arrived and we shooed him away. He was not a happy bird so he alternated between the ground and the nearby tree squawking at us until we finally ate and moved away.   

Then it was off to Lake Louise for a photo op. That was also as beautiful as I remembered it but the glacier between the two peaks is significantly smaller than I remember it. Global warming or is global warming a conspiracy theory and the melting glacier is only a mirage. 

The Canadian Rockies can inspire awe whether you see it for the first time or the 131st time. This has only been a few times for me but I still marvel at its beauty. No matter where your eyes turn, there is a glorious scenery to behold. 


Banff Springs Hotel

Rockies behind Banff Springs

Mountains from downtown Banff 

Bear-y scary!! 
We headed to Banff where we visited Sulfur Mountains Pool, The Banff Springs Hotel and had a lovely dinner before heading back to Calgary to arrive home at 10:30pm. The birthday party was still continuing from Saturday and it was Monday evening. That's another Guyanese multi-day birthday. 

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