Saturday, September 06, 2014

... still a proud mama

My baby graduated from her Corrections Canada training program in Regina and we were supposed to go to the graduation ceremonies yesterday (first time she's attending a post-secondary graduation). But I guess it was not to be. Our flight was booked for at least a week and Thursday when I was trying to check in, I could not. 

After several failed attempts, I finally read the email from Air Canada carefully and noted that the time they had for my check-in at 11:55 am was was much later than the 8:15 am flight we were supposed to get. Air Canada cancelled the flight so even if we got there are 12:10 pm, we'd miss the graduation. 

My consolation prize was a couple of photographs emailed from Sub just after her graduation. I am very proud of her. She is coming home for a few days before going back to Edmonton to start her new job. 

Subhadra's graduation (4th from the right in the front row)

Subhadra with some of her instructors

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