Sunday, September 14, 2014

Upper Canada Village

I was in Ottawa last weekend to visit my aunt who sadly now has dementia and is in a supportive living facility. I was sad to her there, especially when she thought she was back in her childhood home in Guyana where I spent a lot of time with her during my elementary school summer holidays.  I am fortunate that she still knows who I am so the visit went well. I was also fortunate to visit my cousin who lives in Kanata and with a stroke of luck, my other aunt and cousin from New York were also visiting. I felt very good that I could see all of them. 

While all the visiting was good, it make me think of all the medical issues in my family that I either didn't know about or worry about. Now that I am in my sixth decade, I have to worry about cancer (Dad's), Parkinson's (my aunt), dementia (my other aunt), diabetes, (just about every family member in the previous generation), high blood pressure (many family members from the previous generation) and who knows what else that I don't yet know about? 

I had a chance to go with another cousin, his wife and two of their friends to Upper Canada Village, just West of Cornwall, Ontario. It was a beautiful Autumn Day but with a real chill in the air. I should have dressed warmer and I would have enjoyed the 4 hours we spent walking around but by the 3rd hour, I was hungry and cold so I was not as attentive as I would have been looking at a bit of Canadian history. 

Nevertheless, the first couple of hours were quite good and the scenery was lovely. See for yourself. 



Slate and school bell - reminiscent of my start to school

Peace and calm

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