Sunday, October 05, 2014

Another double digit grandbaby

My grandbaby Sahana celebrated her double digit birthday today. This is grandbaby number 2. She is getting so tall - at 5 ft 1 inch and just 10 -  that she looks like she could easily be 15. She get to choose her cake that I would make and after going back and forth between a chocolate swirl cheesecake and a dobos torte, she chose the dobos torte. That's one of my specialties - only made for special occasions and only for special people. This year I've made 3 so far: one for Sharm for her big day in March, one for Trent for his big day in September and one for Hana for her double digit birthday. 

If you have not ever had a dobos torte, it's a 7 layer sponge cake with 7 layers of chocolate frosting. It's one of the only chocolate cakes I actually like and will eat and enjoy. The cake takes a lot of labour. Frosting has to be made ahead of time and chilled overnight. There are 11 eggs in the sponge layer and each egg has to be separated. The whites have to be be beaten with sugar until stiff. Then the yolks have to be beaten with sugar separately. Then add the two together. Each layer has to be baked separately in 1/4 inch layers. Then it's the assembly of the cake and frosting, alternating each layer. It's very yummy and the eating is inversely proportionate to the amount of time it takes to make it.

I guess at some point I will have to stop referring to my granddaughters as grandbabies but I reserve that privilege until they have children of their own.


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