Sunday, October 19, 2014

Christmas prep started

I am already planning for Christmas by getting a head start on my Christmas baking. For those of you Guyanese, you'll know what I mean. Guyanese fruit cake takes a looooong time to make. I mean a very long time - like more than a year from the grinding of the fruits and soaking them in bottles of wine to baking it at least a couple of months before Christmas and giving it another soak - but this time in rum. Most people will know that I don't much like alcohol - be int wine or hard liquor but if it's in fruit cake, I'll eat some.

A few years ago, I was in Bermuda and managed to get a bottle of rum that was 151 proof (75% alcohol) (the rum that is usually sold is about 80 proof which is 40% alcohol). The bottle has a mesh on the top - not sure why - maybe because it is extremely flammable but in any event, I pour some over my cake so that having more than a small piece can give you a head rush. It's so strong that I have to mix it with 40 proof rum, otherwise it's way too strong to be enjoyable for me.

So now the cake is nicely wrapped and aging in the basement, just waiting for the holidays.

Fruit cake batter
Wine soaked fruits (for about 1 year)

Fruit cake batter with fruits added

Finished fruit cake (before a good soak in rum) 
Is Christmas still December 25th? Can I nibble on a few pieces of cake just to be sure that it's good enough for Christmas. No. I'll resist the temptation and anticipate the experience.

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