Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fort Whyte: A room with a view

Today was a work day but my workplace was somewhat unusual. It was at Fort Whyte Centre. I decided that since it was a short 10 minute bike ride to the centre, I would ride my bike instead of taking my car. I bundled up since the morning was somewhat cool and left home about 7:35 to arrive at 7:45 - 15 minutes before my appointed meeting time with the rest of the group. 

Luck was not with me because when I arrived at the pedestrian gate which is a short cut from the highway route, the gate was chained shut and would not open for another two hours. I had two choices - bike back home and get my car or bike along a very busy two lane with no paved shoulders. Rather than risking life and/or limb, I took the road less travelled and biked back home. I am frustrated that the city supports and encourages active transportation and has the route on an active transportation map but the gate to the centre is padlocked for many hours so as to make it inaccessible for bikes. 

I managed to make it to the centre for 8:00am anyway and most of us walked to the Siobhan Richardson Research Centre to spend the rest of the day in our workshop. It was a room with a stunning view as can be seen from the pictures below. It would be fantastic to go to work and see this every day instead of ugly concrete walls that I see for most of my day. Fortunately, Fort Whyte is near enough to be so that when the gates are open, I can go biking there in the summer to enjoy watching the bison roam and ducks and geese making good use of the ponds. 

Manitoba really is beautiful in the Fall. 

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