Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Interview with Winnipeg's Sou'wester Newspaper

Last night I was interviewed for my book by a reporter for the Sou'wester which is a community newspaper distributed to residents of the South end of the city of Winnipeg. The reporter was quite lovely and I thought the interview went well. She is published once a month in the paper so it will likely show up some time next month. Pat is working on her own book and it sounds quite interesting. I am looking forward to seeing my story in print.
I also had an interview on Saturday morning with a reporter from the Indo-Canadian Telegram, a local newsletter about Indo-Canadians in Manitoba. The newsletter is not yet online but last month, I was featured as one of the stories because of my appointment as Honorary Consul of Guyana to Manitoba. The interview about my book will likely be featured in next month's newsletter.
Tomorrow evening I have another fireside reading at Sharm's home for the people who could not attend on Sunday afternoon. I think there'll be about another 12-15 people in attendance. Looking forward to another interesting discussion.
This is all very new and exciting and a bit of a learning curve for me.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Successful fireside reading

My first fireside reading at Sharm's went very well. There were about 12 people in attendance. I selected three different parts of the book and after reading the first two, one of which is the part when I first heard about Dad's cancer, I could not read the third passage so Sharm took over and read it. She did a fine job but wanted to know why I gave her the most difficult part. 
I was not really anticipating getting emotional - not the best thing for a first reading - but it's my story and I suppose the emotion got the better of me.
A few of the guests had questions ranging from explaining the concept of an arranged marriage to explaining how I understood life in a multi-religious family. Afterwards, we had tea/coffee (made by Trent), biscotti (made by Sharm) and tarts (made by Sophie and Sharm). It was quite a delightful afternoon.
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