Saturday, February 01, 2014

Article by Indo-Canadian Telegram

Here is an article from the Indo-Canadian Telegram which is a paper published in Winnipeg and distributed free through many Indo-Canadian businesses.

Last Monday I went to Dhoom's restaurant for lunch with Robin. He had a doctor's appointment and we thought we would grab some lunch before we went. Imagine my surprise when I stood waiting for the hostess to seat us and I saw my face staring back at me from the front of the newspaper!

The reporter, Melvin Duria wrote a very good article about my book. I hope that it'll garner some interest in the Indo-Canadian community or for that matter, any immigrant community.

Happy Birthday .... to me!

I had a wonderful birthday today. Had lunch at the Palm Lounge at the Hotel Fort Garry and it was great. I've always loved this historical building which celebrated its 100 year birthday last year. I had my high school graduation ball at this hotel so it is apropos that I should be here for my birthday today. I had a nice salad with grilled chicken and Robin must have told the server it was my birthday so I had a choice of desserts. I chose crème brûlée and it was the richest, creamiest and tastiest crème brûlée I've had in some time. See for yourself. Isn't that so cute? Complete with  "Happy Birthday" written in chocolate on the plate!! Asking for more would just be too greedy. But there was more to come.

 I went home and about an hour later, the door bell rang and it was a delivery person from +Edible Arrangements with this lovely basket below which I took over to Sharm's and shared with my grandbabies.

Not much longer after that, the doorbell rang again and it was Sophie, delivering my birthday present from her, Bena, Mom and Karran - a 14K gold necklace with diamonds.

And of course I have to mention the mini iPad from Sharm, Sunita and Subhadra and their respective families (which I'll exchange for a unit unit with a USB drive) because I prefer that. 
I looked in the mirror this morning and said to myself: If this is what 60 looks like, I'm perfectly happy with it! I don't want another 60; I'll be happy with another 20 healthy years.

So again, happy birthday to ME and thank you to everyone who emailed, called and sent cards. Much appreciated.


Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Sunrise in Winnipeg

If you've spent any time in Manitoba in the last 2 months, you'll know that as of today, we've had more than 21 days of temperatures below -30C. We've all been complaining so much about the cold that by now we are just resigned to turning on the TV or radio to hear that it's another -30C day with a windchill of -40C to -45C.
Each morning, I bundle up, get into my car and do the 30 minute drive to work in a cloud of exhaust fog that makes me feel like I am wearing blinders. I park my car when I get to work and reluctantly get out of the car, plug in the block heater for fear that the car won't start when I get back into it in the afternoon, and quickly make my 150 paces to get into the building as fast as I can.
This morning was decidedly different. I parked and looked up at the Eastern sky and this is what I saw:

The most spectacular sunrise - one of God's most amazing paintings! I pulled out my iPod touch camera (not the best quality to capture such as magnificent sight but I hope you can still appreciate the beauty. I could care less if exposed skin freeze in less than a few minutes. I had to take the time to take some pictures.
They made me smile all day. Hope they'll make you smile too - or at least appreciate that even in the midst of this brutal winter, there was a lovely sky to wake up to this morning. 
BTW, happy birthday to me tomorrow! And to Dad on Feb 2.