Saturday, May 10, 2014

Upcoming Interview on PBS

Exciting times and a first for me about my book. I went to Fargo, North Dakota on Wednesday for an interview with PBS. The interview will be aired on Channel 3 in Manitoba and North Dakota on Friday, May 23 at 7:30 pm and on Saturday May 24th at 5:00 pm. The interview will also be posted on YouTube for those of you who don't have access to Channel 3. I'll post the link once the show is aired.

The host of the show is John Harris but when I arrived at the studio, he had another commitment so I was interviewed by the show's producer, Matt Olien who I was communicating with about the interview. He made me feel very comfortable and I did not feel a slight bit nervous. I just imagined that I was teaching in the TV studio at Red River College so the interview was very conversational. Before I knew it, the 20 minute interview was over and we were off to Grand Forks to do some shopping.

On a related note about TV interviews, I recall my first TV interview on CKT-TV when I was 20 years old. I was a 20 year old, first time mother and had donated about 50 litres of breast milk in about 6 months. You read that right. About 50 litres (approximately 10 gallons). The need for and supply of breast milk was critical for some new babies at the Health Sciences Centre so they asked if I would do a public service announcement telling new mothers how easy it was to donate - even a small amount. Imagine my embarrassment to have to go on TV and talk about donating breast milk but I did anyway and was glad I did. I often wonder - especially on Mother's Day - where those babies are that got my milk. I was told that it saved their lives but I will never know who they are and what they've become.

Well, that was a digression from my interview on Wednesday but as I was writing the post, it made me think of the babies who will be 40 this year.  

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers and all you fathers who are raising children.


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

25 WOWS (reasons) to love a rainy day!

It's spring in Winnipeg but you can hardly tell from the weather. The snow is gone but there is snow mold to contend with. It's supposed to start raining this afternoon and end on Thursday and I am looking forward to it. Spring rains are like a cleansing ritual - always evoking a slow warming of the soil and the promise of new life with the bursting forth of new leaves and blossoms.

Sometimes we should remind ourselves to look at life through the eyes of a child and remember the pleasure we felt when we could tramp through a mud puddle or with me, jumping into the trenches to catch a long string of tadpoles or spending time watching a thunderstorm with my two favourite people - my sister Bena and my brother Karran - each with our favourite comfort food - a bowl of barley soup with chicken, potatoes and fluffy dumplings. That was life as a child. Here are 25 other reasons to love a rainy day.

Courtesy of Erin Michelle Threlfall of Huffpost Healthy Living

How to Find the Wow on a Rainy Day:
1. Wear some groovy rain boots. Today is your day to be a funky monkey! Go all out; even if your boots don't match your outfit, have fun with your footwear!
2. Dance in some puddles and have some fun! No music? Don't worry! Let the splash of the puddles create your beat.
3. Take your shower in the rain. Be one with nature, and save the 12 gallons that you would use if you took your shower at home.
4. Have a raindrop race. Look out your window and select two of the raindrops that are slipping down the glass. Watch to see which one wins. You could even invite a friend to join in on this one.
5. Let the colors of the day surprise you. Just open your eyes and pay attention to how different the colors of the world look on a rainy day.
6. Watch the raindrop ripples. If you live near an ocean, lake or river, watch how the raindrops fall. If you don't, watch the ripples inside the puddles.
7. Let the rain wash away your grumpiness. Is there really more to say about that?
8. Drink hot tea or hot cocoa. Warm things in a great mug will warm up your spirits.
9. Pretend you are a spy and dodge the raindrops. You might look weird, but you'll have fun. Still worried? Just go back to #1: Today is your day to be a funky monkey.
10. Find the sun behind the clouds. Look for the way the sun creates shadows, and see if you can find cracks of light.
11. Twirl your umbrella behind you when you walk. If you are tempted to sing "Singin' in the Rain," just go for it!
12. Just go with the day. No umbrella? Get soaked! Have fun!
13. Collect the raindrops in a bucket. You'll be amazed how much water you get for your plants.
14. Find your reflection in the puddles. The world is your mirror!
15. Ride a bicycle and listen for the awesome SWISSSHHHHH! The bicycle lane will be clear and you will be able to ride faster than usual.
16. Collect raindrops on your tongue. Again, go back to #1.
17. Stay in and cozy up with a good book.
18. Meditate to the sound of the rain. You'll be amazed at how calming it is.
19. Take out your camera and snap some pictures. Nature is beautiful in the rain, and so are city streets. Snap away!
20. Write a poem about the rain. Here's a Haiku to get you started.
Drops into puddles
Umbrellas open up wide
Rainy days are fun
21. Look for the light that you might not normally see. Check out the reflections from car lights, streetlights, and stores. Look at the colors of leaves and grass, roads and buildings. Then refer to #20.
22. Be an investigator. If it's foggy, guess what's on the other side and then check it out.
23. Recite Shakespeare in the rain. Because, why not?
24. Make some rainy day art. Be creative and have fun!
25. Keep a journal of rainy day wows. You can look back and appreciate it when you need to be reminded of goodness.

Enjoying my rainy day in Zanzibar