Saturday, June 21, 2014

Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors

I love live theatre and this year, Shakespeare in the Ruins presented A Comedy of Errors. This year, Shakespeare would have been 450 years old! That's mighty old but his work still lives on for us to enjoy.
The play on location at the ruins of what used to be a Trappist Monastery that was originally constructed in 1892 in St. Norbert. The monks lived there for 86 years in seclusion but as the city of Winnipeg started to grow in their direction, they relocated to Holland, Manitoba which is about 150 km from Winnipeg. By the way, they make great cheese that is sold in local supermarkets. I bought some at the Forks and it is rich and creamy. If you are ever down at the Forks, it's sold at Fenton's.

The chapel and monastery were almost destroyed by arson but with the hard work and dedication of some intrepid groups, the ruins were saved and is now home to the St. Norbert Arts Centre. The ruins are the only ones left in the entire North America so it is quite something to see. The outdoor play was set on location in and around the ruins and the organizers take full advantage of the gorgeous structure.

The play was originally scheduled for last week but when we arrived with our umbrellas (it had been raining all weekend), one of the staff said that the play had to be rescheduled otherwise the actors would be running around in ankle deep water and the guests would be sitting in puddles of equal amounts. We managed to get the tickets changed for today. Live theatre doesn't have the same luxury of set like movies so it takes quite a bit of imagination to interpret some of the scenes - like to one where they had to show the family travelling by ship and there was a shipwreck and the ship broke in half with one part of each twin going in separate directions. The cast of actors were wonderfully funny as usual and they did a great job of keeping to the original script.

I threw in one picture of Robin who can't live without his Blackberry - fortunately only used during intermission!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Celebrating spring with my baby robins

I am surrounded by Robins these days - only they are birds! 

Every year about this time, two robins make their nest in above the light outside of the family room window. This year was no different. They are so industrious - spending days building their nest one straw at a time and with bits of mud to hold it together. It's quite a sight to see. Over a period of about a week, they laid 3 eggs but only two hatched. We watched them grow and get bigger each day. They are also very clever - even the babies. As soon as the parents come to feed them, they stretch their little necks above the nest to eat and as soon as the parents go, they settle down and hide under the feathers in the nest. I went to take the pictures but they knew it was not their mother or father so they stayed hidden until I was off the ladder. 

They'll soon be big enough to fly away and start their own family and I'll have to wait till next year for another nest building event that reassures me that spring has finally arrived.