Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Blue Lotus Interview on PBS (May 2014)

I did this interview for my book back in May but it had to be uploaded to You Tube which took a few weeks. Then I got busy and forgot to post the link. So here it is: In Search of the Blue Lotus interview!


Jingle Bells and Hoops

On my visit to Lower Fort Garry a few days ago with some Chinese students who are here for a 2 weeks summer camp, I had the honour of watching a demonstration by an Aboriginal group of dancers who were commemorating the making of Treaty 1 between two First Nations and the crown.  The dances were an unexpected treat and rather than trying to explain any of it, I'll let the pictures and videos speak for themselves. 

Jingle dress dancer

Interpretive dancer

Hoop dancer

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Nothing better than a Guyanese wedding

Last weekend was a very busy one with Shelley's wedding that I barely remembered that it was our 44th wedding anniversary on Friday. For anyone Guyanese who is reading this, you will know what a production a Guyanese wedding can be and this one was no different, even though it was in Winnipeg. 

The preparations started many months ago when Shelley asked me to make the Guyanese wedding cake. I promptly ground the fruits and soaked it in bottles of wine. Then I baked the cake on the long weekend in May and continued to drench it in wine for the next month. 

June was the wedding shower. Last Thursday was the henna party - not hen but it could have been with the number of women there - with about 50-70 women, most of them getting henna on their hands. There was much music, dancing and food but I was so busy getting food on the table that after everyone was done eating, I left, feeling too tired to sit around. 

Friday evening was the Muslim religious service with about 60-80 people in attendance. I was one of three people organizing the serving of the food which included curried duck, stewed chicken, roti, rice, dhall and an assortment of veggie curries. Oh yes, then there was mittai as the sweet. Lovely dinner. 

Saturday was the Hindu wedding and from the pictures below, Shelley looked better than any movie star I have seen. She was so stunning that although the groom was handsome enough, everyone couldn't help but stare at her beauty. I've known Shelley since the day she was born and I've watched her grow up as I have her brothers Ameen and Esau. They are always loving and respectful. So to see her looking this stunning gave me such a feeling of pride. 

My cousin Shakila is visiting from Guyana so she attended the events with us. I don't remember her being this short but from the picture below, either I must have gotten taller since I left Guyana in 1970 or she shrunk.  

Sunday was the reception for which I was the Mistress of Ceremonies. It was a full weekend of festivities, very reminiscent of a wedding in Guyana. I am getting my Guyana experience from my flowers in my sunroom and and from preparing for and attending the wedding. 

Shakila & Sandra

Shelley in her bridal dress

Shelley and Amit