Monday, September 29, 2014

Deja Vu or what?

I had a great day with my 7 year old granddaughter Sabreena on Saturday. Last week we made a date to go to the fabric store. I told her that she could pick out some fleece that she liked and I would make her a jacket with a hood. After the fabric store, we'd go for lunch and she could pick the restaurant. 

I picked her up at 10:30 and off we went with pattern in hand to Fabricland. As soon as we walked in the store, we saw a faux fur fabric with sequins and she took a liking to it. Not the most expensive fabric in the store I am sure but it was $36 per metre so it wasn't the least expensive either. I took her to the back of the store where there were bolts of fleece in every colour and description and she gave each one a cursory look before moving to the next, and the next, until we looked at all of them. She found a few that she commented on but in the end, she said: Nani, these are nice but can we go back to the front and look at the pink fur?"  

So we went. I tried to distract her with other less expensive fabrics but alas, her mind was made up. It was going to be the pink fur with sequins and nothing else would do. Then I needed some different fabric to line the hood of the jacket and of course it was the white fur with sequins. So that's what we bought. Then it was another examination of other fabrics whereupon she found a totally sequined and very shiny fabric which she wanted for a top. Not being able to resist a 7 year old, I bought enough to make a top too. 

What's the Deja vu moment? I remember having a similar experience with her mother about 38 years ago. Sharm was 2 and she wanted a pair or black shiny shoes with one strap across the top. Robin and I looked at every children's shoe store in Winnipeg and we could not find a pair. So we drove 4 hours away to Fargo and found a children's shoe store. At that time, money was scarce but we found a pair of shoes. Only thing was, they were $40 - for a pair of child's shoes! Fortunately for us, there was a white patent leather pair with one strap at the top for $15 and we tried to interest Sharm in that pair but her mind was set on the black pair with the one strap. Then we found a black patent leather pair with two straps for $12 and we offered up that pair. But she gave us a partial smile and stuck to her initial decision that it had to be a black shiny pair of shoes with one strap at the top. So that's what we came home with - a black shiny pair of shoes with one strap across the top. Hmmm, so much for trying to convince her that something else would do.  

So back to me and Bren: We still had to decide where to eat lunch but she was so excited to get home for me to to start sewing that she decided that we could go to Subway and get two sandwiches and then to McDonald's for a strawberry/banana smoothie and we'd take it home to eat in the sunroom. That way, I wouldn't waste any time in a restaurant having a leisurely lunch.

After a quick lunch, we went to my sewing room in the basement and started cutting out the top which I lengthened into a mini dress. 

Breen was my little helper, cleaning up the mounds of sequins from all the cutting I was doing. 

The dress was completed within an hour but since it was a shift dress, I added some darts to the front and back to give it a bit more shape. Then I added a belt which completed the outfit. So, my grandbaby got a nice new shiny dress exactly like she wanted. 

She added a bit of faux fur I had from who knows what? This was just for the photo op.

The fur lined jacket was cut out and sewn a bit later and by that evening she also had her pink fur jacket with sequins.

That was my Saturday. And to think I had an awful cough that made me feel like heck. Spending the afternoon with my grandbaby sewing the outfits cheered me up tremendously. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

85 is a huge milestone for Mom

85 is a big number - especially when it's your birthday. Mom celebrated hers today and by the way she looks, she might be around for another 15 healthy years. She has a few aches here and there but she still does her exercises every morning including yoga, she drives her car and her cognitive skills are as good as ever - except when she decides it isn't. 

We had a birthday dinner for her and Sharm got her a tiramisu cake to satisfy her sweet teeth - that is - more than one sweet tooth if you will let her.   

Happy birthday Mom. May you have as many healthy ones as you want.


Bounty from my garden

We planted about 12 tomatoes in June which I thought was a bit too late to get anything from the arden but my garden rewarded me with about 40 pounds of tomatoes - so far. I still have to pick some more. I'm hoping for another 20 pounds. I spent yesterday dehydrating a big batch and roasting another batch. 

Part of my bounty

Prepping for the dehydrator

Laying out the dehydrator trays
I decided to roast a batch with onions and herbs like thyme, Newfoundland Savory and some of my custom blend Sandra S seasoning. This blend will be in my forthcoming cookbook which I hope to have released in Spring 2015. If you have never used Newfoundland savory, you MUST try it. I was introduced to it by my best friend Catherine in 1979 and since then, I have been using it - albeit, sparingly - every time I make roasted chicken, stuffing or veggies. This is one of the best herbs that I have used - and I have used many spices. 

Roasting tomatoes
This was a good way to spend Sunday.