Tuesday, November 11, 2014

True Patriot Love in the Fields of Honour

I've mentioned in previous posts that I sometimes go for a lunchtime walk with one of my colleagues to the Brookside Cemetery. I like to go there from the Spring to Fall. In the spring, the trees come alive with the first signs of spring with their tiny buds and leaves. It quickly turns into summer with some grand and majestic trees providing shelter from the hot Manitoba sun. I sometimes find a park bench (it really feels like a park) and eat my lunch or just sit and listen to music.

But undoubtedly, my most favourite time is Fall, when the trees and shrubs change colour and the geese get ready to go south for the Winter. This Fall, I spent a lot of time just enjoying the falling leaves and the geese soaking up the last warm weather in Omand Creek which runs right through the cemetery.

I think this is a very peaceful final resting place - aptly named as the Field of Honour -  for those who have served my country well and made the ultimate sacrifice. Given the incidents in Ottawa and Montreal in the last few weeks, I want to say Thank You to all the men and women who are here and the many more who I will never know but will forever be grateful to.