Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mexico: Los Ayala natural sand paintings

I've walked on many a beach, from the time I was a young girl growing up right next to the ocean to finding a beach anytime I go near a big body of water. I was walking along the beach this morning and I saw the most interesting artwork. It changes even few seconds and the next one is as pretty as the one before. This artwork is created by Mother Nature and the ocean. 

When the water washes up on shore, it leaves these patterns in the gold-flecked sand. Then the water leaves as quickly as it came and the "drawings" are left for me to admire until the next wave rushes in, erases the previous "drawing" and leaves a new set to admire. The many pieces of art are framed with a backdrop of the beautiful mountains in the background.  I wonder how many people walk these beaches each day and don't notice either the beach art of the mountains that frame them? 

Beach art made by sand

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