Monday, February 23, 2015

Mexico: Morning has broken

Early morning walks are great especially when it starts at a beach with the images below.

Fishermen are out early trying to get their catch of the day. They sell their catch on the beach and then wait around for tourists to pay to go fishing for a few hours. We didn't go but I did see a number of people going off in the fishing boats.  

The beach in front of our condo is usually quiet first thing in the morning. Actually, it is quiet most of the day really as the action happens at the other end of the beach where there are a few hotels where mostly Mexican families stay. 

I like to sit and listen to the waves crashing and the boats lazily sailing by. Maybe if I lived here I might not appreciate the beauty of this place. Being here makes me also realize that I have not had much of a vacation in the last few months and with working long hours for the last seven months, the time here is like paradise. We leave in two days but the time spent here was idyllic. 

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