Sunday, May 03, 2015

Initiative: Heart Health for the Caribbean Community

As my role of Honorary Consul, I was invited to an inaugural meeting of a group doctors from the St. Boniface Hospital and some members of the Caribbean community to start an initiative to promote heart health in the Caribbean community both in Manitoba and the Caribbean.  

The meeting was chaired by the world-famous Dr. Naranjan Dhalla who has made significant impact in heart research - right here in Winnipeg. He has so many awards, that one would need a book to list more than 170. That's right. More than ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY!! I was honoured just to be sitting at the same table as he. Dr. Bram Ramjaiwan (Guyanese) did a short presentation about heart health and some of the important research that was and is being done at the Cardiac Research Centre. Dr. Pram Tappia took some detailed minutes and graciously captured what each of us had to say. 

L to R: Sorace Mulchand, Derek Dabee, Dr. Dhalla, Sandra, Somnauth Kenneth,
Ula Matheson, Dorothy Barrett, Wendy Fernandez, Dr, Ramjaiwan

All of the people who attended were Guyanese but we want to involve as much of the Caribbean community as possible so we'll be having other planning meetings to decide how to move forward. It would be really exciting to think that the Caribbean community could come together for such a worthy endeavour as taking care of your heart. Looking forward to the next meeting. 

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