Friday, August 21, 2015

Getting ready for our Caribbean criuse with grandbabies

It's the night before Caribbean cruise and all is well in the Sukhan house with my two 8 year-old grandbabies Sabreena and Ronin. Just after the picture below was taken, someone with pink striped shirt  who shall remain nameless, wanted to go home because she missed her parents and was sure she was not going to sleep. I told her that she would be fine and reminded her that she slept over at my home lots of times but she reminded me that her sister was always with her and she was never away from her parents for a long time. 

I managed to convince her that she would be fine and would have a great time on the cruise - especially since we were heading for Miami first and after all, she's always wanted to go to Miami. 

Soon it was 4:45 this morning and we had to rise and shine - okay - rise for me but it always takes me an hour or two to shine (code for "don't speak to me for the first hour after I am awake). 

Ronin and Breen with an RCMP officer at the Winnipeg airport

Entertaining each other
It didn't take long to get comfortable in the plane and continue the morning beauty sleep. 

At least for one of the babes... The other was concentrating on her movie. 

Arrival in Atlanta and Breen was excited to take the skytrain to the next terminal. 

Sky view of Miami

Too tired to swim - but it would have been nice
After a long day of travel - 3 flights, we finally settled in for a good night's sleep. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting start to our Caribbean vacation. 
Ronin with Sweet Bunny

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