Monday, August 24, 2015

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

We arrived in Grand Turk this morning and there was an actual pier that we could exit the ship. Sometimes it's a tender (small boat that holds about 200-300 people that comes along the ship's side because the harbor is too shallow for the ship to get into). which takes a long time to get on and off.  

The kids wanted to do some crafts before we got off so they went to the kiddies camp and painted sun catchers. 


Then it was off to the pier and a dip in the ocean. Ronin and Sabreena were really surprised at how close they were to palm trees and were excited to get to the beach. I explained to them that the water was salty just like it was in the pool on the ship. Ronin was surprised about that. He jumped into the pool and quickly jumped out and told me the water was full of sand. What he meant was - the water was salty. 

Some random man wanted in on the picture

Standing on the white sand in Grand Turk

Enjoying the sand and surf

More fun on the sand and surf

Baking in the incredible heat

Giant sea Urchent (urchin) - according to Sabreena
We spent a couple of hours on the beach and went off to the souvenir shop to get a couple of trinkets and it was back to the ship for an afternoon nap  then dress for dinner.

My grand-baby with her newly acquired necklace

Fresh fruit plate as a starter

Sushi for me

Soup for Breen and Grandpa

Then it was a yummy soft centre chocolate cake

And off to the "dive-in" to see a movie
Great day for all of us.


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