Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Another glorious day of sand, surf and a million degrees. Today we had to get on a tender to get off the ship. Trying to get 3,000 people off a ship a few hundred at a time can take a long time. We decided that we would wait for one of the last set of people but even that took a long time. The kids were so patient. We made sure we had lots of sun screen and big hats but even that wasn't enough. 

The beach was really crowded making it hard to find a shady spot (very few and far between). I managed to find a branch with a modest degree of shade and Breen preferred to stay there and play in the sand. 

Ronin opted for the water but after just a few minutes, I started worrying that it was jus too hot to be comfortable and not wanting him to get sunburned, I kept checking on him.

Lunch was a bit of an event. The food was quite a distance away from us and too hot for the kids to walk so Robin went off to get some. He managed to bring back a couple of burgers and some chicken for us but I I really had no appetite because of the stifling heat. The kids didn't do much better. After an hour or so, we decided to go back to the ship before it got crowded again and we'd have to stand in long lines with no shade to get onto the tender.

We had a nice shower which was a nice cool down. That was followed by a long nap then off to dinner starting with lobster bisque.
Yummy lobster bisque

Fruit plate starter

Off for an after-dinner walk  

A late night game of mini golf and a few treats.

Another wonderful day (except for the intense heat).


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