Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sailing away

Our "At Sea day turned out to be relaxing. Room service brought our first breakfast at 7:30 this morning as we asked for. The kids slept in a bit but soon Ronin was up and asking for his rice krispies. He parked himself by the window which had a large ledge and had his cereal. Then it was time to work on his light and fluffy croissant. Breen got her chair and did the same. Imagine having breakfast with the Atlantic Ocean as your view or rather, having breakfast ON the Atlantic Ocean.

After breakfast, the kids went off to the kiddies camp for activities where they played some games and made crafts. That lasted for a couple of hours and and it was time for lunch. Their choice was Asian stir-fry today as was ours. 

 Then the best part - chocolate fondue! They chose their fruit and the server dipped it for them. I am sure they don't eat dessert at lunch at home but what the heck, they are with Nani and Grandpa, far, far away from their parents, so they can have chocolate fondue for lunch if they want to. 

As if they didn't have enough chocolate, they got a small cruller that they used to mop up the rest of the chocolate in the plate. 

 Breen enjoying her chocolate fondue

After lunch, Breen and I went shopping in the stores. She bought a slap band watch (wraps around the wrist) and a very cute chain and pendant and she even used her ship's card to scan and sign for her purchase. She was laughing at her e-signature as it was a bit awkward to write with the pen.

I bought a sun hat which I will wear tomorrow when we dock in Grand Turk. 

We went back to the cabin and had an afternoon nap (Ronin loves to have his nap which is a good thing; Breen on the other hand will find any excuse not to) which we all did in a matter of minutes - if not seconds. So far, we've had a full few days leading up to the cruise, so it was nice to have no particular schedule. 

We decided to get dressed and go to the dining room for dinner rather than the Lido deck.It's nice enough in there but the lines are so long, that it was good to get dressed up for dinner and sit down, order from a menu and be served. 

It was lobster night so we each ordered that.There was a kids menu but no fries and chicken fingers or hamburgers or hotdogs for these kids. They can eat lobster too. Before the lobster, Breen and I were brave and ordered alligator dumplings - made with real alligator meat. They tasted rather ordinary really. This was not my first alligator meat. I tried alligator gumbo in New Orleans twice several years ago.  

We had a surprise in store for the little ones. I pre-ordered a cake for their birthday before we arrived on the ship and requested that it be served tonight. The servers were so good. They brought the cake to the table, made little hats out of napkins and put it on Breen's and Ronin's head and a group of servers belted out the Happy Birthday song.The kids were tickled as you can see from their faces. 

 Then it was more chocolate cake but at least this time, it's after dinner. I am sure glad I don't care for chocolate, otherwise I'd be eating every minute - not like there isn't a hundred other equally sinful options. 

After dinner, we went to watch the sunset as Breen had this on her wish list of things to do while on the cruise - watch a sunset over the ocean. The sun obliged with a magnificent sunset. 

As if we didn't do enough, we went up to the Dive-In (a take on a drive-in movie theatre but it's on an open air deck) and watched Cinderella.

Just in case they didn't have enough sugar for today, on the way back to the cabin they wanted ice cream so I let them have a small bowl of ice-cream. Really, I would never do this if they were at my house but they are not - at my house. 

We arrived in the room to find our little towel elephant waiting to greet us. I swear the staff is invisible. We see our cabin steward in the morning only to say hello but by the time we go to breakfast and back to the cabin, the room is clean. Same thing at night. We go for dinner and by the time we get back, our beds are turned down and the room is ready for sleeping. 

All in all, it's been a long and full but very relaxing day. 


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