Saturday, November 07, 2015

Finally some sunshine and the smell of fresh bread

Yesterday was 11 straight days of cloudy weather for us. That's unusual because what ever we can say about Manitoba, we are generally sunny - both in weather and in disposition. Although I didn't notice that it was that many days (I was just glad to see the sunrise each morning on my way to work now that the clock has turned back), for some people, it was depressing. 

I decided last night that whatever the weather today, I was going to do some baking. The smell of baking on a dull Fall day always makes me feel better. This morning it was bread. If you are a carbophobe (is that even a word?), too bad for you. I decided to bake wholewheat parkerhouse rolls so I made a batch. I love the smell of yeast as it sits in sugar water waiting to spring to life again. Instant yeast is so easy to work with that I simply skip the first proofing and shape the buns right away. 

This recipe is similar to a challah bread so it yields softer, less dense buns. If you bake bread with a bread machine, throw it out (the machine) and make the bread the old fashioned way. It tastes better and is good for the psyche (you get the satisfaction of turning out something beautiful made with your own hands.  

Parkerhouse rolls
 As the bread was proofing, I decided that one set of rolls was not enough. I modified the same recipe by decreasing the sugar, adding extra butter and chives (which I grew in my garden this summer and dehydrated last month) and made cloverleaf rolls. Oh my goodness, the smell of chives when it hits the heat of the oven makes me want to eat even when I am full. 

Cloverleaf rolls

I waited just long enough to take a picture of the rolls and broke open one, added a pat of butter and sat down with a cup of coffee - freshly ground and brewed - to enjoy it. Warm from the oven rolls. As close to heaven as you'll get and is a good substitute for sunshine which we are also getting plenty of today. Is there a better way to start my weekend? Double treat. No better way. 


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