Friday, February 06, 2015

Belle's Confirmation

My grandbaby Belle is growing up very fast. She had her confirmation last night. She looks go grown up! 

Belle and her godfather


Belle, Lolo and Lola

Belle and other confirmees

Belle and Sunita
If I wasn't going to Mexico on Monday, I'd be there to see her being confirmed. Next up, Ronin. 

Monday, February 02, 2015

My new stand-up workstation

My commitment to health continues. In the last year I was doing some research on stand-up workstations and I've considered a few - including a treadmill workstation. A few months ago, I started working from home one day a week and improvised an at-home treadmill workstation. I took a leaf from my dining room table and put it across the handles of my treadmill. I put my laptop on top and I can now walk and work at the same time. I've found that if I need to type, I cannot exceed 2 miles per hour. If I am reading on the screen, I can walk at 2.5 mph. I set an incline of 2 or 3% and can maintain that at either speed for a slightly more strenuous workout. I don't really mind not going fast because at the end of a few hours, I have walked about 6,000-8.000 steps. I try for 10,000 each day. 

A treadmilll workstation would not work at work because I didn't have the space. But I applied for and got a new job so my new office has enough space to utilize a stand-up workstation. I did some more research and found this one by Varidesk. I bought the Pro Plus because it can fit dual monitors and so far, it's working great (it's only been a couple of days). I also bought the comfort mat which is nicely cushioned so I am not standing on the hard floor for long periods of time. I even downloaded the app which reminds when to stand and when to sit (based on my personalized settings). The levers on each side that moves it up or down are easy to use. 

Since sitting for long periods of time (even if you exercise daily) is the smoking, I am giving up my verison of smoking and have decided to stand for 40 of every 60 minutes. I just have to remember to sit! 

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Another memorable birthday

I am glad to be celebrating another HEALTHY birthday. At this stage of my life, it really is a joy to be acknowledging and celebrating such a milestone and it's a bonus that I can say that I am still healthy. My grandfather died when he was in his early 40s from complications from diabetes. 

Dad would have been celebrating his 84th birthday tomorrow but he passed nearly 4 years ago from cancer. I am grateful that I am not dealing with those major diseases. The best I can do is to continue to exercise, eat as healthy as I can, get sufficient sleep and keep my social circle close. Apparently that's the secret to the Fountain of Youth. 

Birthday necklace and ring

Me and my Winnipeg grandbabies
So in keeping with my recipe for a good life, I am wearing the family birthday hat and having brunch with Sharm and her family. In another week, I will be in Los Ayala Mexico with Robin and Bena for 16 days (Bena for 9 of those 16 days). Family, good food, lots of walking and relaxation is my recipe for life in the next year.