Saturday, March 21, 2015

Winnipeg: Prairie Ink Restaurant

My friends and I went out for breakfast today at the Prairie Ink Restaurant at McNally Robinson Bookstore in Grant Park Plaza. This is the same bookstore which supported my launch of my book last year. The bookstore is a Winnipeg favourite as is the restaurant. Natalie had the caramel apple pancake and it was so huge, it could easily have fed two people comfortably. She took half of it home. 

Anna had the Eggs Benedict with a twist - the twist being smoked salmon. When I looked at it, I wished I had ordered it because it looked so scrumptious.   

Carmen had the plain eggs benedict as if there is anything plain about it. 

We had a great time. Carmen brought me a watch I won last weekend at an event I attended for International Women's Day. Only thing was, the watch was a man's watch! It was a Michael Kors watch, gifted from the entertainer of the evening to be raffled off. I was the winner although I was not there to collect it because I left before he started singing. Good thing for good friends who will collect my winnings and bring it to me!