Sunday, April 19, 2015

5th Annual MB Senior's dinner

Tonight we attended the 5th anniversary of the Manitoba Hindu Seniors. There were probably about 60 people - some as young as 10. Not exactly a senior but it was nice to see young and old mingling. The food was all vegetarian and quite delicious. 

The Manitoba Minister of Healthy Living and Seniors, Deanne Crothers, attended the event and brought good wishes from the government. She loved the food as she is vegetarian and noted that it was nice to attend an event and not have to worry about if there would be something for her to eat. 
Minister Crothers bringing greetings
 I was sitting with my colleague Beatrice who is the editor of a quarterly magazine for Caribbean news called Global Eyes. The December 2014 issue has a picture of me on the back page. The Congress of Black Women of Manitoba hosted a Kwanza festival in December and I took Sahana and Sabreena to the event. Beatrice was one of the organizers and she was busy taking pictures of attendees. She is always dressed so fashionably as she was for this event too. Beatrice is also a vegetarian so she enjoyed the food too. We had a great chat in between the evening's entertainment of dancing and singing.  

Beatrice and Sandra
Looking forward to more of these events. Good to see people from the West and East Indian communities sharing a meal and fellowship.