Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015 with the family

Christmas this year was a blessing for the whole family. First off, my nephew Shaun and his wife Corina had a baby girl last week Sunday. She is strong and healthy and doing quite well. 

Then it was Christmas at our house. Sunita, Mike, Belle and Ronin came for the holidays but the only one of the family missing was Sub because she had to work and if she wasn't two hours away by plane, she'd probably be here for lunch or dinner. 

The Christmas tree was overflowing with presents and by the time Sharm and Trent and the girls came over and Sophie and Darwin a bit later, it was a full house and a full tree. 

Belle and Ronin wrote their notes to Santa and laid out the cookies and eggnog. Santa had quite a selection to choose from. We baked the cookies and Ronin made the peppermint bark at school and brought it all the way from Edmonton for Nani and Grandpa and Santa of course. 


Even though Belle did not write Santa early, he still seemed to know what she wanted... 

...including a nice bright ring! 

Grandpa got a wine kit to make one of his favourite wines. 

Since we had our tradition of having Christmas lunch for the last 35 years (at least), I put in the 21 pound stuffed turkey into the oven at 11:00 last night and it cooked perfectly by this morning at 8:00am. This year, I made an dry herb rub of parsley, Guyanese thyme, celery,  Newfoundland savory, my Sandra S seasoned salt, pepper and melted butter. I rubbed it under the skin, brushed the skin with some more herbed butter and it was perfect. Waking up to the smell of baked turkey is what I look forward to on Christmas day each year. 

My family of 13 assembled at two dining tables and we had a feast.  

Then it was karaoke for some of us and cards for others. 

It was a busy house today!

And of course, the best gift this Christmas was having my four grandbabies together. 

Very heartwarming day. Now I can go to bed and use my new gel pillow which I got from my three daughters. Happy sleeping for me after a great day.