Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day 10/31: Made it so far of NO-ADDED-SUGAR but hard today

I am trying an experiment for the next 3 days of going without sugar (not carbs) from a book I've been reading called Sugar Smart. That means no fruits, rice, pasta, flour and no veggies with higher amounts of sugar, which include pumpkin, squash, beets, and a host of other veggies. 

The list of things to eat is long on spices and somewhat long on veggies but I am not inclined to eat a lot of them so it's bell peppers, mushrooms, cukes, tomatoes, asparagus, onions, spinach, collard greens, broccoli, and cauliflower. Breakfast was oatmeal cooked in milk with a dollop of strained kefir and about 10 cashew nuts. There was no sweetener - natural or artificial. I like oatmeal but eating a cup of thick oatmeal was not that pleasing to the palate.  

The mushrooms below is for my dinner tomorrow and the dish below with the cream cheese of for Robin. 
Sauteed mushrooms and onions

With a bit of low fat cream cheese, broth, chives and cheese
Why am I doing this with the "no-sugar" food? Because I want to wean myself of the taste of sugary food. I had a dull headache today but manged to get through the day. I chaired a meeting from 1-4:45 pm for the Interfaith Service and Reception that we are having next week. It's in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Guyana's Independence. It was tough concentrating and taking accurate notes. I got through it. 

We were offered a complimentary lunch from Fareez, the general manager of the hotel where we'll be having the gala dinner in May and if you have ever been to a brunch buffet at the Canad Inn, Polo Park on a Sunday, you'll know there are about 60 or more items there. I was so good today. I took some meat, a slice of cheese some spinach, cukes, and a few cherry tomatoes. That was it. I looked at every dessert there and there must have been about 15 of them - looking too sugary for me any day but today especially so. I looked at bowls of several varieties of fruit. I looked at bowls of salads including potato, pasta and rice. I looked at the hot food and there was more of the same. Salad dressings for every palate but I was so good. I had a lemon juice/oil blend on the side. 

I was glad when the meeting ended because I was feeling a fatigued and felt like I needed to relax. But not so. Fareez gave us some complimentary tickets to Celebrations Dinner Theatre at the Canad Inn, Fort Garry and after calling Robin to see if he wanted to go, we did that. 

That was another challenging meal as it is a set menu. I skipped the rolls and soup and crackers. I don't drink wine so it was easy to say no to a glass. I had a small salad. Dinner was chicken, shrimp, beef or pasta as the main course with mashed potatoes and carrots. No carrots, no potatoes, Only meat and some horseradish on the side. No dessert of pecan pie, chocolate cake or fruit platter. Three cups of black tea. That was it for today. 

No sugar. No fruit. No starchy veggies. No dessert. Did I have a good day? A bit head-achy and now tired. Work tomorrow. More of the same. Not feeling the love right now. 

It's my health so it has to be worth the effort.   

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