Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 13/31: NO-ADDED-SUGAR one more good day.

Wow.What a busy day! I was telling a consular corps colleague that I felt I needed roller skates but then revised my comment to needing wings. He said I needed no wings. I am already an angel. How nice! 

I had to be at the downtown campus for 8:30 and left there at 9:15 to get back to the main campus for a 10:00 am - 12:00 pm meeting. Then I scarfed down some lunch so I could squeeze in a 20 minute walk before heading off to a 1:30pm meeting. That lasted till 2:15; then back to my office for a few minutes before heading to the Legislative Building for a protocol briefing for all Consular Corps officers and reception with the Premier at 5:30pm. 

There were some ministers also present and a surprise visitor - Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest. 

Now, how did I handle eating on a busy day of back to back meetings? I started out with a good breakfast and had 2 cups of tea between breakfast and lunch. I had a good lunch and between the afternoon meeting and going to the legislature, I had a few grape tomatoes with slivers of cheese. At the legislature, there was coffee and cookies but I had only half a cup of coffee with milk. No cookies. At the reception, there was: 
  • Red and white wine. Rejected. 
  • Sliders with meat and white bread. Rejected. 
  • Small containers of tiramisu. Rejected. 
  • White bread pizza pieces with cream cheese and veggies. Rejected. 
  • San Pelegrino water. I had a glass. 
  • Loonie sized chicken pieces and dip. I had two with no dip. 
  • Shooters of shepherd's pie. made with small amounts of meat topped with potato. I had two of those. 
  • Olives and pickles. I had one olive. 
As you can see, sometimes it's hard to go out for social events without consuming all the sugar or sugar mimics. I am learning and I am glad for that. Now to go and complete 3,000 more steps for today's goal. 

This is the end of my 4 days of removing sugar mimics from my diet. Tomorrow I can eat some fruit and I thought I would be looking forward to it much more than I actually am. Maybe tomorrow I may feel differently. I have already made my oatmeal breakfast and I've already made my lunch so I may not be wanting the fruit. 

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