Saturday, January 02, 2016

Day 2/31: NO ADDED SUGAR month

I was very proud of my accomplishment yesterday of eating no added sugars (no white sugar, no cane sugar, no honey, no maple syrup) so that gave me the motivation to do it again today. It sounds like an easy thing to do - removing added sugar from your diet but it is harder than it sounds. I am a huge baker so it has the added complication of not doing something I love to do. 

Today I had a parfait of chia seeds and oatmeal soaked in almond milk (prepared ahead of time last night). The seeds and oatmeal soaked up quite a bit of the almond milk and had a nice creamy consistency. 

I used half of the mixture and layered it with my homemade kefir and frozen blueberries which I thawed. It almost looks like something in a food magazine. I just had to take a picture. 

From what I have read, if you are cutting added sugar from your diet in a sudden kind of way, you'll often get headaches because your body is craving it. So far, I have not had any cravings or headaches but I've also been cutting back drastically since Christmas Eve.  

With no lunchtime craving and needing to eat something before my 1:00 pm massage appointment, I had a tuna melt with the rest of the tuna I had from last night. I had a very relaxing massage and came home to a nice hot cup of green tea and a slice of Balderson's Old Cheddar. I love Bothwell Cheddar as well but I wanted something different. Bothwell Cheese is truly Manitoban and one of the best cheeses you can eat. It is rich and creamy and tastes like a piece of heaven. 

Since I've been off for the Christmas break, I am finding every little occasion to cook. Today it was bora (long beans) with potatoes, tomatoes and coconut milk. Then it was eggplant with salted cod, shrimp and tomatoes. I had a feast at dinner with roti and some left over spinach I cooked a couple days ago. 

Oh yes, I also made some turkey divan with turkey breast I froze from Christmas dinner. I will have that for lunch or dinner tomorrow. I love the tart taste of the cheese sauce which was made with my homemade chicken stock and my homemade kefir which I thickened to Greek yogourt consistency by straining through a coffee filter. The original recipe from 30+ years ago calls for yogourt but since I make my own kefir, it made sense to use it. Besides, it's taking over my home because I have so much. 

It's now 8:00 PM and I made it through Day 2 with no sugar craving AND NO ADDED SUGAR! 
Off for another 3000 steps on the trampoline before calling it a night. I am treating myself to 23 minutes of a PVRd segment of America's Test Kitchen which should complete my additional steps. 

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