Sunday, January 03, 2016

Day 3/31: Successful NO ADDED SUGAR day

My day started a bit slowly as I could not think of what to do first. This is the last day of my holiday break and I've not given any thought to preparing for work tomorrow. That's a good thing. I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks off and spending the time cooking and playing with my grandkids. 

I felt a sense of accomplishment that yesterday was not as hard as I thought it might be. I was not confident this morning that I could get through today with no added sugar. My strategy was to focus on one meal or snack at a time rather than trying to visualize the entire day. That seemed to be a good strategy as it is now 8:00 PM and I have not had a sugar craving all day. 

For breakfast, I had my chia/oatmeal/almond milk parfait with raspberries and I took my time tasting the fresh berries. At this time of year, imported berries are not so great but these are excellent. I also had a cup of coffee with my almond milk. 

My cousin Eddie thought the chia mix looked like sago and it does in some small way. I grew up drinking sago and loved it but the grains these days are too small and get mushy before they are cooked. Cooked sago is quite similar to bubble tea but sago comes from the sago palm and bubble tea is made from tapioca which is made from cassava. 

Later in the morning, I made some more almond milk and I have no idea what I did differently from the first batch, but I had a whole lot more almond meal that I did with the first set. I dehydrated it in the oven and stored for later use. 

For lunch, I had sauteed chicken livers and a mini-flax muffin that I made (no flour; entirely from ground flax). The liver was from a large chicken that I cut up for curry. I made some mini zucchini fritters using some of my almond meal. They'll be good for breakfast during the week. 

For dinner we had curried chicken and half a roti I am trying to keep the carbs to small amounts but I am not really abstaining. Refined sugar for sure but not all carbs.

I have to complete my 10,000 steps for today so I will treat myself to some Downton Abbey while I complete my steps and have my cup of green tea. 

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