Thursday, January 07, 2016

Day 7/31: NO-ADDED-SUGAR day 7 completed

It was a busy day today with meetings and more meetings. A bit better than yesterday which was 3 hours of meetings in the morning and another 3 hours in the afternoon. I suppose it keeps me distracted enough but it sure makes for a long day when I have to sit that long. 

I have aVaridesk Proplus 36 which allows me to sit or stand and work. I have an app that I programmed to remind me to stand for 40 minutes and sit for 20 minutes of every hour. It works really well and makes my day seem to go much quicker. 

With meetings most of the day, I did manage to take some time to get more than half of my steps in. By the time I got home, I had done about 7,500 so it was only another 4,000 after dinner. It's 8:30 and I've done 12,000. 

I've been sharing my journey on Facebook and I am getting encouragement from my friends which helps keep the motivation high. Another huge bonus was getting my Fitbit badge for completing climbing 14,000 floors!!! It's actually 14,015 floors as of tonight. a floor is about 13 stairs but I have noticed that the Fitbit doesn't count the stairs if you have not done 13 in a row - meaning that some of the sets don't get counted if there are only 10 or 11 in the set. Not to worry. If I've done that many even without counting many sets, I feel I am still getting the health benefits. 

Now that total sounds unrealistic but I accumulated that number over almost exactly 3 years. My total mileage is 2,760. That's 4,471 kilometres! I am thoroughly impressed with myself but I know I can do better so I am working toward that. 

If you have a Fitbit, you'll know how excited you get when you receive a badge. The only thing is that the longer you have it, the harder it is to earn the badges. I have my 2,500 mile badge (earned in October) but the next one is 2,983 and I am about 200 miles away from earning that one. If I do 4 miles a day, I'll earn it in another 50 days which would take me till almost the end of February. That's too long. If I do 5 miles a day, I can earn it in 40 days. That will take me to about Feb 18 when I am basking in the sun in Mexico. 

Maybe that's too long of a goal. I'll try for 100 miles which I should do while I am in Jamaica in the last week of January. This one is not a vacation. It's work - kind of. I was invited by a quality assurance agency of the Jamaican government to do an accreditation visit to an educational institution in Kingston. It should take 3 days so I am not sure how much free time I'll have to walk and how or where I'll do the walking. I am sure I'll have some of that information soon. 

Now for my sugar-free progress: I had another successful day and no cravings. I did feel hungry when I came home but I had a piece of cheese (no crackers which I would do) and a few cashew nuts and I was fine. 

I made another set of almond milk this evening but I used a 1:5 ratio instead of the 1:4 that Vitamix recommends because it tasted a bit rich or maybe it's because I soak the chia seeds in it the night before and the mixture is thickened by the time I eat it the next day. 

I've gotten used to the taste of it which is quite surprising because I am such a milk lover. I would drink gallons of full-fat milk if I had the chance but only restrain myself because I have bought into the "fat is bad" message. Well, I made it through another day and realize that I am doing okay because I am not spending oodles of time planning what to eat and when to eat it, 

What's helping a great deal is menu planning (this is not new), packing a healthy lunch (neither is this) and not mindlessly snacking when I get home from work (not doing this is a new strategy). Tomorrow it's butter chicken for dinner. Looking forward to that. 

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