Friday, January 08, 2016

Day 8/31: NO-ADDED-SUGAR but I was hungry

No added sugar today but I was hungry in the afternoon. Not sure why. I tried drinking more water but that didn't seem to help. I got up and walked and I walked a few extra hallways at lunchtime but that didn't help either. Made an extra cup of coffee in the afternoon but neither did that. I came home and had some chickpeas and a small piece of cheese. Somewhat satiated but I should have more water or a cup of tea. 

I had a later than usual breakfast. Usually I have breakfast before I go to work but today I didn't feel like it so I took it to work, boiled eggs and a 1/2 of a thin bun. I had that about 9:00 am and should have had my half of avocado but I didn't feel like eating that so it came back home. Healthy fat is probably what I needed since this morning. 

For lunch I had chicken and broccoli and some of my chia parfait with some cantaloupe. I walked about 7500 steps so that may have accounted for the bit of hunger. Plus I did not drink enough water and sometimes thirst can feel like hunger. 

I came home and drained my batch of kefir I started last night. I use a lot of it as it is an excellent probiotic. I usually drain it a bit more so that it is the consistency of Greek yogurt and mentioned in a previous post that I have a new concoction of mixing part drained kefir and part feta cheese with some herbs and spices for a veggie dip. Cuts down on the salt of the feta and gives the kefir a boost of flavour. 

Untrained kefir

Drained kefir

I did my 4,000 steps after dinner of butter chicken and rice with some roasted sweet potatoes. Before dinner though, I blended my half avocado with some almond milk and had a drink to tide me over. It looked like a liquidy version of a green smoothie but it was a more minty colour. Should have taken a picture. Next time. That felt so good that I had less supper than I was feeling like about half hour before. 

It's cold tonight so I brought in some firewood, lit a fire and had a cosy rest while reading a few books I borrowed from the library on sugar-free cooking. I browsed through the first one and it was a dud - lots of recipes with dried fruits or large quantities of sugar substitutes and other forms of sugar like maple syrup, honey and agave syrup. That's not helpful if one is trying to cut down on sugar. Calling it by another name or using large quantities of substitutes is definitely not the way to go.

Okay, that was my rant. Maybe I need to publish some of my recipes that use less sweetener of any kind. That's a great idea Sandra....

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