Sunday, January 31, 2016

Made it a whole month WITHOUT ADDED SUGAR! Yeah!

It's been a full month of no added sugar to my diet. It was very successful. Was it hard? Yes and No. 

Yes: It was hard only in the sense that just about every kind of food has hidden sugar so reading labels becomes a full-time job. 

No: I have been reading labels for more than 40 years. It started with looking for beef and pork products in cookies, pie dough and other foods. Then it was sodium about 10 years ago. Most recently it has been sugar. 

I am mostly astonished and frustrated with the amount of additives in food. While I do much of my food preparation from scratch, it is hard to find good, clean healthy foods (even when they are labelled as healthy) at a reasonable price. It's also ironic that eating clean and healthy with simple foods has now become elitist - meaning that a 2 litre bottle of soda is 99 cents while the same amount of bottled water is almost 4 times more expensive. I don't buy soft drinks nor do I buy bottled water (unless I am absolutely forced to do so). I cannot justify paying for something that comes out (almost) free from my tap. The hyper-marketing of water is a discussion for another blog post. 

I am going to Isla Mujeres for two weeks and it will be quite an effort to stay away from the leche flan I buy from a street vendor each year that I go there It is absolutely the best I have ever had. We'll see how that goes. My rule will be 4 bites of dessert - if I eat any. 

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