Sunday, April 03, 2016

Guyana's Golden Jubilee Spring Tea and Fashion Show

Our Tea and Fashion show is upon us. There were plans but as with volunteer work, plans are subject to change on very short notice. More about that later.  

I know it seems like all I have been doing is things Jubilee related and to some degree, its true, Between work, my Honorary Consul duties, and life in general, much of my spare time has been spent planning or executing a Jubilee event. 

When I had the idea last year that we could host a number of events to commemorate the Golden Jubilee, I knew it would be a lot of work but just how much was not on the radar. It's a lot. It's more than a lot! The planing for next month's gala evening has been going on for many months already and with three events already completed, and this one just done, there is little time left in the day to sleep. And if breathing was not automatic, I might have a hard time fitting that in. 

So the planning for the Tea and Bake sale, that's what it was supposed to be, but we decided a week before the event to add a fashion show. We thought of the idea prior to last week but decided to shelve it because it seemed to be a lot of work added to what was already a lot of work. 

Within a week, I, along with a trusty group of volunteers, organized models, outfits and an MC. Sharm and her friends and my two grandbabies were models. So was Kim and Beatrice and Orin who was the only man - and a very handsome, show-stealing one at that. I coerced my sister Sophie into being the MC for the fashion show portion and the afternoon was a great hit! The event was supposed to start at 2:00pm but by 1:00pm, all the tables were filled and we had to set up some additional ones. More than 200 people attended and from the buzz in the room, and the speed with which all the baking disappeared, everyone had a great time.

I made about 5 dozen tennis rolls and before the bake table officially opened, they were gone, gone, gone. I did not pout tea this year but there was much to do beside pouring the tea. The models were excellent, modelling traditional Guyanese outfits. 
Guests arriving

Tricia in purple sari

Beatrice and Orin

Sharm and Orin

Shannon in Lengha

L to R: Kim, Sahana, Sharm, Tricia, Beatrice, Shannon, Sabreena (front), Madeline (front)
Tricia in Royal Blue Lengha

Breen in summer dress

Kim in African outfit

Sahana in Chinese Cheongsam 

Sahana and Madeline in Cheongsam

Sharm in summer dress

Shannon in black and gold sari

Beatrice in African outfit

L to R: Sandra, Beatrice, Sahana, Tricia, Kim, Sharm, Shannon, Orin, Breen and Madeline (front)

Breen in summer outfit with hat

Sahana in summer dress

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