Thursday, May 26, 2016

Guyana's Golden Jubilee Flag Raising at City Hall

Happy 50th Birthday to you Guyana! !

If you are old enough, you'd remember this auspicious day in Guyana when we gained our independence from Britain who colonized us for more than 150 long years. Our fore-parents fought a hard fight for decades, some losing their lives over this. But we as Guyanese persevered and finally achieved our goals. 

Early this morning I had an interview on CBC with Ismaila Alfa. Then it was off to work for an hour or so before heading off to City Hall. 

A CBC article about my interview. 

Today for the first time in Winnipeg's history, Guyana's flag was flying at City Hall. We had another record group in attendance, considering it was a work day. Shaw TV was there and captured the event: Guyana's Jubilee Flag Raising at Winnipeg's City Hall.

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman welcomed us and made a point of extending his gratitude on behalf of Winnipeg to the vibrant Guyanese community. 

I felt like a proud Guyanese standing seeing our flag billowing in the wind. It was a perfect day. And a busy one! 

Me and Mayor Bowman

Me and Mayor Bowman
Me and Mayor Bowman

L to R: Robin, Dave, James, Mohamed
Interview with Shaw TV

L to R: Bebi, James, Me, Derek, Mohamed

L to R: City Concillor Shaw, Derek, two City Consillors, Mohamed, Me, City Councillor ? City Councillor Orlikow,  Kavita

Flag raising in front of City Hall

Guyanese flag proudly flying in front of Winnipeg City Hall

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