Friday, May 27, 2016

Welcoming Guyana's HC to Canada

To say it is a busy week is an understatement. It's the build up to the Gala Evening tomorrow so Guyana's High Commissioner, Clarissa Riehl and and the Guyana Counsellor, Marsha Caddett are in town for the next few days. They arrived at the Richardson Airport this morning and a small welcoming committee met them at the airport. Then it was off to lunch, a rest at the hotel.

In the evening, it was dinner at the hotel followed by a Welcome Reception at my home, complete with Limo pick-up from the hotel. It's been a busy day and evening for me! 

L to R: Claudette, Marsha, Dorothy, Clarissa, James, Me
Limo drop off at my home

Some goodies for the reception

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