Saturday, July 16, 2016

Golden Jubilee Duck Curry Competition and Picnic

I can't believe it's summer already! Another month full of activities including a Duck Curry competition. I did not enter the competition but I fully participated in the event. There was lots to do and the competition between the three teams was stiff! Every team was a winner and the smells of the curry cooking was hard to resist. 

Food was plentiful and most of it donated. Great to see the Guyanese community coming together again for another event. 

First Place 

2nd Place

3rd place

Beatrice, Dorothy

Stacy, Rita

Shondell, Kim

Flag cake


Judge dance off


Mom Bayney

Member of Parliament Terry Duguid, Me, his assistant Lee
Member of Parliament - Terry Duguid was a good sport about learning to do the Chutney. He has some work to do but was having fun learning. 

In addition to the duck curry cook off, the teams had to prove their worth bay adding some dance moves to their curry. These are the Duck Curry Competitors. The Third Place Winners were very deserving and they showed it. The Second place winners were very excited and had the moves to prove it. Finally, the judges could not control themselves so they had a Judge Dance-off. No winners but no losers either. The revelry ended on a super high note! 

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