Sunday, August 28, 2016

Italy: Isle of Capri

A day trip to the island of Capri Island was how we spent our time.

We left Praiano at 8:30 and reached Positano about 8:50am. The streets were very quiet compared to a few days ago. It is so hilly here with many stairs that if you have a hard time navigating stairs, you'd find it difficult to impossible to live here. We boarded the ferry at 9:20 for the 35 minute ride. The catamaran was fast and quite comfortable and full of course.

Once we got to Capri, we boarded a smaller boat for a two-hour sail around the island (tickets bought ahead of time) with a stop at the famous Blue Grotto. A visit there was not to be - at least not today. The tide was too high to enter the grotto and unless we wanted to stay on the boat for an extra two hours, we could go back into town. Except for a family of 4, everyone opted not to wait.

We went back to town for lunch. Poor Ronin, he was getting motion sickness from the rocky boat so he got some Gravol and it made him sleep for a few minutes.

 Lunch was at Caffe Augusto. That was a disappointment to say the least. We ordered a seafood pizza, a caprese pizza, two hot dogs and fries, a beer and a bottle of water. That was a $75 lunch and if it was good, I would not have minded.
The servers are quite friendly when they are trying to invite you to eat, but once you sit down, they are not interested in accommodating you in the least. At the end of the meal, our server brought our change and brazenly asked if he could keep it. Robin said yes and we left. We keep comparing the people in other towns to the people of Praiano and they (the others) come up short every time.

Terrible hotdog

Seafood pizza

Caprese pizza
This is not a restaurant I would recommend. 

We did some window shopping for hats and stopped at a shoemaker who was making custom-made sandals. When we asked the price, Sunita and I both heard $20 Euros so she decided to get one pair and I was deciding on two. The shoe maker measured her feet and finished the pair in about 10 minutes (he had to attach the rhinestone strips for the top to the leather soles). She went to pay for it and the woman sales person said 120. We both thought we heard wrong so we asked again. Yes indeed. It was 120 Euros! Yikes. We said we misunderstood and thought the shoe maker said 20. Apparently the rhinestones are Swarovski. Needless to say, I did not buy two pairs. We didn't buy hats either because they were also overpriced. It must be tourist season. 

Waiting for the ferry to return to Positano, Ronin could not resist the water so we made a makeshift change area for him by holding up a couple of big shawls, and he went swimming.  

Capri from the ferry

We headed back to Positano and had previously decided that we would eat dinner there but we changed our minds. We went back to the villa and cooked a wonderfully delicious dinner. On the drive back, it was crazy hot - at least 35C in the bus and not a seat to be found. It was only a 20-25 minute bus ride but it felt like 25 hours! The scenery going back was magnificent though so that made up for the awful ride. 

Dinner was so simply comforting after the bad food today in Capri. We stopped at the little market next to us and picked up some fresh veggies and pasta and our dinner was comparable to any fine Italian restaurant. 

I am happy being in my villa and feeling like I could come back here in the Fall - some time in the future - for a girls trip. That's a thought. 

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