Monday, August 29, 2016

Italy: Last day in Praiano Town

Last full day in Praiano before heading to Rome tomorrow. Sunita, Ronin and I walked into the main village to do some shopping. We bought some buns, meat and lemon candies.
On our way back, we stopped at Sparkling (restaurant and cafe) for a cafe latte (me), espresso and latte (Sunita)and Ronin had a sweet croissant. We people watched for a good hour and walked home. The owner (I think his name is Aurelio) was super friendly. We passed it to and from our walk to Praiano town each time we went but had not stopped in before. I think we thought it was a bar. Perhaps at night but in the day, it's a sweet cafe. We both wished we had discovered the place sooner. It's a lovely little place.

The only one thing that would make this villa perfect (it is nearly perfect) is a pool big enough for more than kids' feet. We improvised!  

Dinner was again simple, wholesome and very tasty - cooked by me and my sous chefs.  
Pasta with pomodoro sauce

Chicken breast with creamy tomato sauce and olives
I'm feeling a bit sad to leave. That's a good thing but getting ready for the next phase of the trip. We pre-bought tickets to and from Rome to Salerno but we didn't do the same for bus or ferry from Salerno to Praiano. Tomorrow it will be a bus to Positano then a ferry to Amalfi and Salerno. I don't think Ronin would be able to handle to motion of a bus trip from Praiano to Salerno.  

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