Friday, August 26, 2016

Italy: Praiano, Marina Di Pria

Walked up 68 stairs to the street then a 2 minute walk to the municipal office and another 200 stairs to the pharmacy to buy some bus tickets, then down the street to the corner store for some fruits, veggies, seafood and cheese, and back to the villa for lunch.
What was lunch today? Roasted chicken, marinated olives, the creamiest and freshest, full fat ricotta cheese, spiced marinated eggplant, EVOO and balsamic vinegar and wholewheat bread for dipping.
Sounds huge but it was just the right amount of a lovely Mediterranean lunch to be wonderfully healthy.

We took the local bus to Positano for the afternoon. The stop in Priano was literally up the 69 stairs to the road and a few steps to the bus stop. Positano was overrun with people and quite noisy. We wanted to check out where we'd have to get to the docks when we go to Capri on Sunday. I watched Giada (TV cook) doing her cooking show from Pose-ee-tano (the way she sometimes uses her Italian accent which can be quite annoying. Not the accent but the way she inserts a periodic word in an Italian accent when she is speaking in her American accent). 

The scenery looked very nice but the town was too crowded to be enjoyable. Give me my little villa retreat in Praiano. Glad I'll be heading back soon.

Me and my Belle waiting at the bus stop on our way back to Praiano.

Our dinner tonight (after a shower to cool down from an overly hot day in Positano) was gnocchi pasta (not gnocchi but gnocchi shaped pasta) with another delicious sauce I made up of sautéed onions, garlic, and red peppers with shrimp, and calamari. I added some anchovies and a dollop of fresh ricotta cheese.

It's so easy to whip up a great meal when I am cooking with fresh ingredients. 

Ronin made dessert. It was tiramisu ice cream, slightly frozen fresh bananas, yogurt, crushed cookies and a dollop of hazelnut, chocolate spread. These kids are going to be gourmet chefs for sure.

Bell had a great idea. She suggested that each year, we rent a villa in another country and spend the time cooking using local ingredients. Then we can write a cookbook featuring all the foods we cooked from the places we visited. This would complement my first cookbook which was released earlier this year. 

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