Saturday, August 27, 2016

Italy: Praiano town

Ronin needed some more quiet time this morning before fully waking up so he has his "Stuffy" 
and his eye patch. What else does one need for an extra snooze?

 I enjoyed the peaceful Mediterranean with my morning coffee.

Breakfast this morning was pan fried wholewheat baguette with sardines and onions. Fresh peaches and a hot cup of coffee was all we needed. Sounds weird to eat sardines for breakfast but if you are Guyanese, this is quite normal - in fact, more normal than a bowl of corn flakes (which I do not eat).

Sunita and I walked into Praiano village to get some things we saw a few days ago. The heat is so intense that we were glad for the shady reprieve of a tunnel where visibility is not the greatest when sharing the tunnel with suicidal motor cyclists and cars and even larger SITA buses that run up and down the coast every 30 minutes. It was worth the trip though. We got some great stuff on our shopping expedition!
Praiano is famous for lemons so of course we had to get some lemony things. She got some limoncello and lemon preserves and of course there was lemon soap. Olive oil is great here so some of that too. I got two types of balsamic vinegar and the very cutest container that can hold olive oil and balsamic vinegar in separate compartments. I also got a ceramic olive oil dispenser with a ceramic pourer. I also got some salad tongs with ceramic handles.
They will all be a daily reminder in my kitchen of my precious Italian summer villa vacation. I just have to figure out how I'll get them home without breaking them. Very carefully, I think.

Lemon soap

Oh my, I forgot to mention that I also got a really great bottle of Amarone wine for Robin. This was recommended by our new friend Peter Wiklund who we met in Mexico in February. I was sure Robin would not buy a bottle for himself so I got it for him as a surprise. It cost about $50 - not hugely expensive - but more than a $15 bottle of good wine in Winnipeg. Since I am not a drinker, he'll have the pleasure of enjoying the whole bottle.

If I was a romance novelist, this would be the perfect setting to sit and write my fantastic romance novel. Instead, I am sitting in my lounger under a citrus arbor, surrounded by the lush red of hibiscuses and bougainvilleas, the air redolent with the sweet smell of oleander as I look out over the calm waters of the Mediterranean.
The gentle chirping of crickets are lulling me to sleeeeeepp........

With no idea what dinner was going to turn out to be, we started with a few ingredients including boneless chicken fillets and finished with another first. Don't know what to call it so I'll just use 5 simple words: mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmmmmm! (emphasis on the last mmmmm).

Praiano deserves a cookbook of it's own. That should be my next one. 

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