Thursday, August 25, 2016

Italy: Praiano Day 2

Arose at about 6:00am to view the sun come up over the mountain. It was so quiet and peaceful, that I got my cup off coffee and soaked in the stillness before the others started to stir. 

Breakfast after sun up was eggs, sausages, pan fried crusty Italian bread and fruit. Of course, the kids had some swank (not really a breakfast drink but it's their vacation). 

We headed off to the world famous Il Gusto Della Costa limoncello maker to buy some gift packages.Tasted some limoncello at the local producer. It is very HOT right now. It was 11 minute walk downhill; not bad; of course it was uphill on the way back. I must be getting used to it because it didn't seem hard. I thought I'd be achy from all the uphill walking and the 1000 stairs yesterday but so far, so good.

We had lunch in Praiano -  pizza (none for me b/c I wasn't hungry) at Che Bonta . It had good reviews on Trip Advisor but honestly, I am not sure what people are used to eating but it was very, very average.  

On the way back, the temperature was 29C with a UV index of 8. Glad to get back to an air conditioned villa. Time for a cool shower and siesta.

Dinner was delish. Belle made the caprese salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil which she drizzled in EVOO and local balsamic vinegar. I did gnocchi with red bell peppers and a creamy pesto sauce. We had that with roasted chicken.

For dessert, Ronin (he is only 9 but loves to cook) made a parfait with bananas and vanilla yogurt topped with hazelnut spread. We finished off the evening on the terrace with a hot cup of tea. 

We found out that the villa we are staying at is owned by the poet Natale Porritiello. He was visiting upstairs yesterday where he stays when he is visiting at the villa.  He came down to our terrace yesterday to replace an umbrella but we had no idea it was him. He looked different from the cover picture of his books. I looked at one of the books but it was in Italian - mostly poetry.

We have all concluded that the food from our kitchen is outstanding! No need to dine out. We also decided that we'd like to return to Praiano some day. I hope it's some day soon. 

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