Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Italy: Praiano

What a glorious morning to wake up with the Mediterranean right outside my bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room or terrace. Anywhere in the villa is a perfect view. After the busyness of the last week, this is quite peaceful and relaxing. I love it here. Makes me feel like I want to write a book or two.   

I feel like such a regular small town Italian. People here are super friendly (unlike Rome where no one is even slightly interested in offering even the smallest amount of assistance) and the view from anywhere is stunning.

Upper and lower terrace

View of the Mediterranean


Made a scrumptious breakfast of eggs with yolks so orange that I know they were fresh from the source. Some asiago cheese melted on top, fresh crusty bread and a hot cup of coffee topped off the meal. All cooked in my cute kitchen.

I introduced Belle and Ronin to "swank." I picked fresh limes hanging right above my head on the terrace. For all you Guyanese, no explanation is needed. For non-Guyanese, it's limeade (similar to lemonade but better because it's homemade with "just off the tree" limes. Ronin and Belle thought it was pretty cool so I had to make some more.

We had an antipasti lunch of fresh baked whole wheat bread sliced into thick chunks, marinated olives, pickled eggplant and olives, thin slices of mortadella, creamy Asiago cheese, and some balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil for dipping our bread. A cool bottle of Peroni beer and some lemonade made for refreshing beverages.
We were heading to the beach which was a 10 minute walk along a footpath but turned back because Ronin had a nose bleed along the way. Will try again later.

Just back from the market. Sitting on the terrace shaded by an arbor of lime (loaded with fruit) and pretty dark pink bougainvillea. This is perfect.

This afternoon we walked to the beach. It was an easy downhill walk along many footpaths and on a very narrow highway where we had to share the road with motorists and tourist buses. Some of it was scenic; some precarious and feeling like we were taking our lives in our hands.

On the way back, it was footpaths, all the way uphill, and mostly stairs. I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath. My Fitbit clocked 65 flights of stairs and at 13 stairs per set, that was about 1000 stairs. Phew!!! A few more days of this and I'll be ready for a half marathon. It is so pretty though, that I really don't mind 

Foot path of stairs

View from the narrow highway we were walking

Tunnel we walked through high above

Roadway that we descended on the way to the beach

Brigde we walked over

Boats on the beach we visited
We keep planning to go out for dinner but Belle and I made dinner tonight. we made pasta pomodoro with seafood, garnished with fresh basil (the grocer ran over to his backyard and picked some for us), cherry tomatoes and olives. I also made a caprese salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar and EVOO.

For dessert, Ronin and I served tiramisu ice cream topped with crushed cookies and hazelnut spread (Nutella). We are so satisfied!!! Everything tastes good when you are eating on the terrace of a villa on the Italian coast overlooking the Mediterranean.

A quiet evening on the terrace with a glass of limoncello and a cup of tea rounded off the evening. Perfect end to a perfect day. 

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