Saturday, August 20, 2016

Malta: Day 4 - Comino Island; Floriana

I was so looking forward to going to the island of Comino today. It was to be the highlight of this part of my trip. I saw lovely pictures and write ups that used words like tranquil, peaceful and quiet. The Blue Lagoon is the most beautiful place according to the write ups. 
We took a bus ride for 90 minutes then a very crowded ferry and when we arrived at Comino, it was 31C, and not a not a tree in sight. There were low shrubs with hoards of people trying to shade a piece of their foot. I have not seen such a crowd in ages. I'm at the point in my life when I hate crowds for any reason. The beach was wall to wall people, some laying on bare rocks like lizards warming themselves, except that it was 32 degrees Celsius with the sun beating down. 

We made it up the path from the ferry only to encounter a long line of kiosks with vendors under their little plastic shelters selling cheap food and souvenirs. It was crowded, noisy and suffocatingly hot and not even remotely like the pictures I saw on the internet. In fact, it was as far removed from the pictures as the equator is to Antartica. Not at all what I expected and not what the tranquil pictures portrayed. 

Even the bay was crowded with small boats. Not pleasant to look at because they were a distraction to the colour of the water in the bay. 

We spent 15 minutes walking in the blazing to the Comino Hotel which was less crowded but quite noisy. I was thankful that we each had an umbrella which offered a small reprieve from the sun. The hotel was quite lovely but again, it was so unbearably hot, that the energy expended just to get here needed at least an hour to replenish. We sat on the veranda and watched some people swimming. That was all I could manage. 

The actual highlight of the day was the ferry ride back to Malta. The boat captain played loud party music (not the best part) but he was forgiven because he passed by some cliffs so we could take pictures. Couldn't really take many because the water was choppy but it was nice to see anyway.

We went to the Grannaries Restaurant in Floriana which is literally a 3 minute walk across the Mall (a green space that runs from Valletta to Floriana) from our apartment for a nice dinner. Didn't have lunch (too hot to eat) dinner was the highlight. The tasty food put me in a good mood to end the evening. 


Grilled duck breast

Cheesy pizza - just the way I like it

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