Sunday, February 28, 2016

Guyana's Golden Jubilee Culture Day Potluck

Another stellar event. There was a Valentine's Dinner and Dance but I could not attend because I was vacationing in Mexico and celebrating a very cold birthday and Valentine's Day in Isla Mujeres. 

It was surprisingly cold for Mexico but I think the weather was cold just about everywhere. The beaches were devoid of people so I could have my pick of a spot but Id have to bundle up in a winter coat which kind of defeats the purpose of being on the beach. 

The Valentine's dinner and dance, aptly named Bud, Spud and Steak, was a fusion of Manitoba tradition (Bud and Spud) and Guyanese tradition. There was chicken for those who don't eat steak. The event had about 150 people, exceeding last month's event. 

Back to the Culture Day Potluck. There was some good Guyanese fare that people brought. I made curry and roti and others brought fried plantains, cook-up, cakes, pine tarts and other Guyanese delicacies. We ate, sang and danced and just had good plain fun! 

Already getting set for the next event! 

Me giving my little welcoming speech

L to R: Carmen M - Honorary Consul of Peru , Mohammed A, Melanie Wight - MLA, Burrows, Sandra, Derek