Monday, March 21, 2016

Passing of a dear friend

This is a sad day for me and most of my Cumming's Lodge Secondary School friends. We lost another one of our friends Angad, which makes us stop and take stock of our blessings. 

Most of us cannot count friends for a decade or two, even when we live in the same country. This year will be 50 years since I started at CLSS and met the most loving group of people I am still proud to call friends. Given that many of us started immigrating from Guyana since 1970 (me first), and we are scattered all over the world for the last 40+ years, that is remarkable. We managed throughout the years to keep connected and whenever the occasion arises, we meet as a small or large group to reminisce. Angad, I remember your lovely sense of humour and how glad you were to see any or all of us as we were to see you. 

You'll be in our hearts forever.

L to R: Bonny, Manny, Krish, Annie, Other person

L to R: Manny, ??, Prak