Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nothing like your own home for comfort

 Sometimes it good to hit the pause button of life and appreciate what's in front of you. With such a busy year already, and it's only six months, I've decided to do that. For me, this is what's in front and back (my yard). I stopped to smell the roses (not literally of course, because I have no rose bushes). But I do love colour and I have an abundance of it right now. Last week I went strawberry picking and the fields were lush and green with big, bright red berries in each bed. 
The smell of the fresh berries makes me appreciate our Manitoba summers. Yes, we complain about the long cold winter, but there is so much to love about a Manitoba summer. Animals, birds, fresh veggies and loads of flowers - and I don't have to leave my back or front yard! 




Life is good. Much to be grateful for.